Vineyard Walk: Meet PMV Dog

Have you ever noticed this sweet, smiling, black lab on our main page?  It’s Cessna, our vineyard dog.  Cessna (or “Cess” for short) is named after…  you guessed it, the AIRPLANE (our family has MANY pilots and Adam studied aviation before becoming a winemaker).  Cessna has been a great helper from the very beginning.  She constantly tested the water temperature in the pond for us while planting vines.  She made sure to let us know of any smelly spots in the vineyard by rolling in them.  She has even taste-tested the grapes for us to decide the best time for harvest.  Although many wineries have “greeter” dogs, you’ll most likely never meet Cess.  Even at age 7, she’s just too excited to meet new guests.  However, since she LOVES the vineyard so much, maybe we’ll let her meet & greet at the vineyard walk on April 25th!  Winery owner, Dick, will be guiding a stroll through the vineyard to anyone who’d like to join.  He’ll share what’s going on and field any questions you may have.  Come out from 7-8PM (weather permitting) and stay afterward to watch the FULL MOON rise (or howl at it with Cess)!

Cessna, Vineyard DogThanks for checking out the new blog!  For more info on hours, events, and more, head over to our MAIN WEBSITE.

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  1. By the way, this pic PROBABLY won’t be up on the main website much longer. We need an updated shot of vines full of grapes! :-)