Pressing Marquette

While our other four acres of grapes continue to ripen, the Marquette is nearly finished fermenting.  My goal was for the Marquette to be fruit-forward and consumable at a young age.  Therefore, I made the decision a few days ago to press these grapes.  There was still some fermentable sugar in the must (about 5 Brix for you home winemakers out there) and color extraction was beautiful (it’s a rich red/purple as you’ll see in the video).  Wine picks up tannin from the skins and seeds during fermentation, and pressing early produces a wine lower in tannin (less astringent).  Tannins are a good thing, but not really what I wanted for this particular wine.

Long story short, it tastes REALLY GOOD.  Forget all that winemaking mumbo-jumbo, taste is what really matters!  It’s definitely fruit-forward like I was hoping for and has a lively acidity.  This wine could easily stand by itself as a varietal, but I’m going to wait and see how our Noiret and Chambourcin turn out.  The volume was pretty low in Marquette this year, so it may be a good blending wine for Chambourcin or I may produce a dry red “Estate” blend with the three red varietals we grow.  So many choices…  what to do, what to do?!? :-)

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  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    there should be bagpipes……and Irish dancers…..and the paper moon would be perfected.