Punching The Cap

Although we have our own vineyards, they are not enough to meet our entire production demands.  Therefore, we bring in grapes and juice from other vineyards/growers.  Our fruit comes from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.  On September 16th, a truck arrived from Lodi, California with BEAUTIFUL Zinfandel and Merlot grapes.  It just so happens, September 16th is my wonderful wife and mine’s anniversary.  As the truck arrived, we were on a plane to Nashville for a mini-getaway.  Fortunately, Dad (Dick, winery owner) came to the rescue.  He, Skip, and Andrew crushed all day Monday.  We talked on the phone.  He checked sugar/pH levels.  We texted.  He innoculated the tanks with yeast to start fermentation.  We talked again.  He monitored fermentation.  We enjoyed dinner and watched Old Crow Medicine Show get inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. :-)

We had a fantastic time away and I’m so happy with the work my Dad did while we were gone.  The grapes are fermenting nicely and we’re punching the cap daily.

God Bless,


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