Canning Hard Cider (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, we were FINALLY able to can our hard cider for the first time. Boy, when those pallets of empty cans arrived, they were SCARY! There are over 6000 cans on each pallet and they’re held together by compression bands. It wouldn’t take much for a whole pallet of empty cans to fall apart. When I first started looking into canning, I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a mobile canning company in Ohio! On top of that, this company, Buckeye Canning, was located about 10 minutes away from us. SCORE! Bottling or canning carbonated cider is much different than bottling still wine. It requires quite a bit of expensive new equipment. By working with Buckeye, we were able to avoid those big investments, yet still get a great product out the way we wanted. These guys were good too! It was nice to have their expertise on this packaging process. Check out this video from YouTube to see, “How It’s Made”:

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