Memory Lane

I’m not a great blogger. Probably one of the first rules about blogging is to not ignore your blog and then annually post a blog about how you’re sorry for not blogging. Oh well. I said I wasn’t good at it, right? Sorry for not blogging.

I recently realized my OOOOLD blog (hosted on another site) has been overrun by bots commenting on posts. I didn’t even realize this info was still floating on the interwebs, so I’m in the process of copying all those old files for my personal records, then I’m deleting the pages. It is truly a joy to be reading all those old posts. They began before we opened as a winery. I was updating people on our opening date. Then we opened and I was apologizing for not having many wines available for sale yet. I shared the celebration of my first son’s birth (one week after opening, no less). I’m not sure if many people ever read those words (other than the bots posting about Russian brides), but looking back on some of that stuff was truly a joy to me today. It has inspired me to bring this thing back to life.

So, there you go. A blog about pretty much nothing, ha! A few wine tidbits for ya –> We recently bottled quite a bit of Riesling, Harvest Blend, and Lighthouse Cayuga White. We currently have multiple batches of Concord fermenting in the winery, and hope to can more hard cider sometime in June. God bless! -Adam

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