Filtering Cold Stabilized Wine (Video)

Today I filtered some cold stabilized Harvest Blend to prepare for bottling. Check on the video below for more EXHILARATING content! :-)

Below is a picture of the inside of the tank as I near finishing filtration. You can see the crystals stuck to the walls, and piled up on top of the temperature probe (straight piece) and racking arm (bent piece). Who wants to come clean this thing? 😀

Potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar) inside the tank.Below is a picture of the plates and a pad as I’m taking them apart for cleaning. You can see the pad is pretty plugged with sediment. The other side of the pad is perfectly clean, just wine stained (kind of like most of my clothes). In the pic, I’m pointing to the clean side of a plate, where it was only exposed to filtered wine on the downstream side of the filter pad.

Plate & frame filter.

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