Mobile Website Updates

It’s a privilege to wear many hats when you run a small, family business. When I’m not making wine or paninis, I try to keep up with the website. Well, recently I realized we were lacking a MAJOR thing on … Read More

Memory Lane

I’m not a great blogger. Probably one of the first rules about blogging is to not ignore your blog and then annually post a blog about how you’re sorry for not blogging. Oh well. I said I wasn’t good at … Read More


Hard Cider

Well, I get to add a new title to my business card. I’m now Paper Moon’s Winemaker AND Cidermaker! This has been about a year in the making, but we’re getting close to kegging our first batch of Paper Moon … Read More

Zinfandel fermenting

Punching The Cap

Although we have our own vineyards, they are not enough to meet our entire production demands.  Therefore, we bring in grapes and juice from other vineyards/growers.  Our fruit comes from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and California.  On September 16th, a … Read More

Pressing Marquette

Pressing Marquette

While our other four acres of grapes continue to ripen, the Marquette is nearly finished fermenting.  My goal was for the Marquette to be fruit-forward and consumable at a young age.  Therefore, I made the decision a few days ago … Read More

Skip & Andrew crushing Marquette grapes.

Crushing Marquette

We started picking Marquette grapes on September 3rd this year!  Growing grapes is a slow process.  It typically takes 4-5 years before you receive a good harvest.  The first few years are spent training the vine onto the trellis.  Grapes … Read More

Finished walkway

Sun’s OUT. Need some shade?

If you’ve been around lately, you’ve probably seen our newest improvement: a NEW concrete patio and walkway for the tent!  We added our 40’x40′ tent last summer and it really helped provide some overflow seating on crowded summer days.  We … Read More