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Mobile Website Updates

It’s a privilege to wear many hats when you run a small, family business. When I’m not making wine or paninis, I try to keep up with the website. Well, recently I realized we were lacking a MAJOR thing on … Read More

Memory Lane

I’m not a great blogger. Probably one of the first rules about blogging is to not ignore your blog and then annually post a blog about how you’re sorry for not blogging. Oh well. I said I wasn’t good at … Read More

Punching The Cap

Although we have our own vineyards, they are not enough to meet our entire production demands. ¬†Therefore, we bring in grapes and juice from other vineyards/growers. ¬†Our fruit comes from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. ¬†On September 16th, a … Read More

Pressing Marquette

While our other four acres of grapes continue to ripen, the Marquette is nearly finished fermenting.¬† My goal was for the Marquette to be fruit-forward and consumable at a young age.¬† Therefore, I made the decision a few days ago … Read More

Crushing Marquette

We started picking Marquette grapes on September 3rd this year!¬† Growing grapes is a slow process.¬† It typically takes 4-5 years before you receive a good harvest.¬† The first few years are spent training the vine onto the trellis.¬† Grapes … Read More

Sun’s OUT. Need some shade?

If you’ve been around lately, you’ve probably seen our newest improvement: a NEW concrete patio and walkway for the tent!¬† We added our 40’x40′ tent last summer and it really helped provide some overflow seating on crowded summer days.¬† We … Read More